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Gaia Saunas electrical breakdown:

Model Volts Max Amp Usage Actual Amp Usage
G1 110 15 13.8
G2 110 15 13.8
G3 110 15 14.2
G4 120 20 16.3

The electric companies generally use Kilowatt hours, which means you are using 1000 Watts of energy for one hour.Gaia Saunas are measured in amps. To convert amps to watts you simply multiply the voltage x amps. For example a 5 Amp motor which operates a vacuum and runs on 110 Volts, uses 550Watts of energy, and would use a kilowatt hour in 1 hour, 50 minutes. The Electric Company in San Diego, CA (one of the nation's most expensive energy companies) charges 15cents per Kilowatt hour.

Based on this information here is a breakdown:

Model Volts Amp Usage Electricity = .15°C /1000 Watt Hour
G1 110 x 15 =1650 x .15°C
G2 110 x 15 =1650 x .15°C
G3 110 x 15  =1650 x .15°C
G4 110 x 20 =2400 x .15°C

Monthly Electrical Costs: (1 HOUR/30 DAY MONTH)

To Lifetime warranty

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